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Lifts, hoists & stowage

The Lifts, hoists and stowage section covers wheelchair and scooter lifts, platform lifts, hoists, docking and locking systems, including wheelchair automatic stowage systems. To help the user effortlessly store or remove the wheelchair or scooter for a multitude of vehicles and a large range of weight capacity.



Stowage // Boot

Boot Closing Strap

The Adaptacar closing strap is useful for those unable to reach the boot or tailgate once opened. The webbing strap length can be made to the specific user. It can be positioned in different...

Stowage // Tiedown

Docking Station

The Dahl Docking Station is a fully automatic tie-down system for wheelchairs.

Stowage // Boot

Door Opener

The Adaptacar tailgate door opener is ideal for those who struggle to open the boot or tailgate. It can be operated by remote or button. It is ideal for those with poor gripping ability, reduced...

Hoist // 0-120 kg

Hoist - 120kg -Telescopic

The Brig-Ayd 120 kg Telescopic Hoist is a compact and high tech hoist capable of lifting power scooters and wheelchairs weighing up to 120 kg. A single push button operation allows loading and unloading of the...

Hoist // 0-200 kg

Hoist - 125kg, 150kg, 200kg

The Autochair Smart Lifter LP Range of hoists have a capacity of 125 kg, 150 kg and 200 kg. They can be used to hoist a Wheelchair or a scooter into an appropriate vehicle and is suitable for MPVs...

Hoist // 0-140 kg

Hoist - 140kg - Fold Away

The Autoadapt Carolift 140 Hoist is a stylish four way powered hoist designed for the lifting of mobility devices into the back of estate cars, minivans and full size vans. Capable of lifting 140 kg and can be folded away when...

Hoist // 0-180 kg

Hoist - 181 kg

The Autoadapt 6000/6900 is a wheelchair hoist designed to lift large power chairs and scooters weighing up to 181 kg. With its offset telescopic arm and four way operation it makes it ideal for lifting mobility devices straight...

Hoist // 0-40 kg

Hoist - 40 kg

The Brig-Ayd 40 kg Hoist is a compact and reliable hoist ideally suited to lifting manual wheelchairs and small scooters up to 40 kg maximum weight. Fitted in the boot of the car on the left or the right, its compact design...

Hoist // 0-40 kg

Hoist - 40kg - Fold Away

The Autoadapt Carolift 40 Hoist is a 40 kg hoist with two way operation (up and down) that can swivel almost to the side of the vehicle making it possible to pick up wheelchairs or scooters from the pavement. The compact nature...

Hoist // 0-40 kg

Hoist - 40kg - Fold Away

The ElapV40g hoist is a cost effective two way swivel hoist designed for lifting smaller power scooters and wheelchairs into the boot of estate cars, mini vans and and some hatch back vehicles. The boom of the...

Hoist // 0-80 kg

Hoist - 40kg, 80kg

The Autochair Smart Lifter LM Range of hoists have a capacity of 40 kg and 80 kg. They can be used to hoist a wheelchair or scooter into an appropriate vehicle. They power up and down and...

Hoist // 0-75 kg

Hoist - 75 kg

The Brig-Ayd 75 kg hoist is a robust and simple hoist designed to efficiently lift a mid sized scooter or wheelchair. Its two way operation is carried out via a rocker switch which either raises or lowers the lift. The lifting...

Hoist // 0-150 kg

Hoist - 80-150kg

The Brig-Ayd Evotech range of hoists are programmable hoists capable of lifting between 80 and 150 kg. It has four way electric operation (up, down, in and out) which can be accurately...

Hoist // 0-100 kg

Hoist - 80kg, 100kg

The Autochair Smart Lifter LC range of hoists have a capacity of 80 kg and 100 kg. It is simple to operate and is ideal for folding small scooters and wheelchairs. It gives you a hoist which has a...

Hoist // 0-80 kg

Hoist - 82kg - Take Apart

The Autoadapt 325 take apart hoist, designed to fit in a saloon vehicle. The hoist is mainly intended for a power wheelchair or scooter with the seat removed. Taken apart, there are two pieces that can be...

Hoist // 0-90 kg

Hoist - 90kg - Fold Down

The Autoadapt Carolift 90 Hoist is a 90 kg hoist designed for lifting mobility devices into the back of the vehicle. It has four way powered operation (up, down and swivel) and can be folded down after operation or when...

Hoist // 0-150 kg Sling

Lift - 150kg - Person Lift

The Autochair Smart Transfer Person Lift enables a wheelchair user to transfer into a vehicle seat which uses a specific sling to gently raise the user to the correct height then guide the user into...

Lift // 0-150 kg

Lift - 159kg - Platform

The Autoadapt Joey Platform is a platform type lift designed for the easy stowage of mobility devices of up to 159 kg. This drive on platform is operated via a simple tethered remote control and easily lifts your chair or scooter...

Lift // 0-350 kg

Lift - 350kg - Tail Lift

The Autoadapt Braun tail lift is used to access a larger vehicle such as drive-from-wheelchair vehicles or minibuses. The lift can be fitted to the side or rear of the vehicle, and has a lifting capacity of 350 kg...

Stowage // Tiedown

Scooter Station

The Adaptacar fully automatic tie-down system for unoccupied scooters. A clamping system for the safe stowage of scooters within a vehicle. Especially useful for those who internally transfer from the scooter...