11 December 2018  |  CUSTOMER SIGN IN


The controls section covers a wide range of primarily hand controls, to make them more accessible and user-friendly by the driver. These controls range from ignition, handbrake, secondary controls like lights, indicators, wipers, horn and hazards, to custom controls for wheelchair access and stowage and other custom uses.



Controls // Brake

Boosted Foot Pedal

The Adaptacar boosted foot pedal adaptation is used where the driver is unable to put enough pressure on the brake or accelerator pedals. A vacuum system is used to apply the brakes or accelerator, controlled from...

Controls // Ignition

Key Extension

The Adaptacar key extensions are fitted to aid the grip and twisting action required when starting the vehicle. They give a larger surface area for those with limited dexterity to hold. The key extensions are...

Controls // Ignition

Push Button Ignition

The Adaptacar push button ignition system for people with limited dexterity. Can be keyless or with a drop-in key holder. This adaptation is particularly useful in drive from wheelchair accessible conversions...

Controls // Secondary Controls

Push Pull Hand Control

Adaptacar single lever hand control, push to brake and pull to accelerate. Suitable for automatic vehicles. Custom made for left or right handed use. Optional extras are indicators, dip and horn...

Controls // Secondary Controls

Push Pull Hand Controls

The Brig-Ayd hand controls are suitable for fitment to most makes and models of car, van and MPV's. Various added extras can be fitted including rotary or toggle switches for indicator control...

Controls // Secondary Controls

Secondary Controls System and Bleeper

A range of electronic and bluetooth control pads allowing the driver to select up to 13 different electrical functions depending on your vehicle. The various functions available range from 7...

Controls // Secondary Controls

Switch Boxes

Adaptacar switches and some controls which are out of reach can often be relocated to more accessible locations to suit customer requirements...

Controls // Indicators

Switch Extensions

Adaptacar switch extensions can be fitted to most switches to either reduce stretching by the user or as an aid to make them easier to use...