11 December 2018  |  CUSTOMER SIGN IN

Vehicle access

The vehicle access section covers all adaptions to help the driver or passenger into and out of the vehicle also covering safety when in the vehicle. This covers speciality swivel seats, ramp sidestep access, seat slide plates, vehicle door functions to wheelchair and scooter locking devices.



Access // Motorised Seat

6 Way Seat

The Autoadapt 6 way seat is used in a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The seat powers up and down, forwards and backwards and swivels. The seat is used for internal transfers from the wheelchair to...

Access // Side Step

Automatic Side Step

The Adaptacar automatic side step comes in 600 mm, 900 mm Telescopic or as a rotary 400 mm option. It operates via a door switch so when you open the door the step comes out. It can also be operated by a switch used by the customer...

Access // Boot

Boot Closing Strap

The Adaptacar closing strap is useful for those unable to reach the boot or tailgate once opened. The webbing strap length can be made to the specific user. It can be positioned in different...

Access // Handle

Car Access Accessories

The Handybar locates on the D-shaped door catch on the door frame and then it can be used as a grab rail to aid the entry and exit on the vehicle. It is also used to break the side window and...

Access // Handle

Car Caddie Handle

The car caddie straps to the top of the window to help you get in and out of your vehicle. Ideal for occasional use. It consists of a webbing strap with a buckle and padded handle and can...

Access // Tiedown

Docking Station

The Dahl Docking Station is a fully automatic tie-down system for wheelchairs.

Access // Boot

Door Opener

The Adaptacar tailgate door opener is ideal for those who struggle to open the boot or tailgate. It can be operated by remote or button. It is ideal for those with poor gripping ability, reduced...

Access // Transfer Plate

Electric Tip Up Plate

The Autoadapt Electric Tip Up Plate bridges the gap between car seats and wheelchair and can also help those who struggle to get across the gap between the car door and the seat. It makes...

Access // Handle

Grab Handles

Adaptacar grab handles are useful when entering and exiting the vehicle. We can supply and fit to most vehicles to suit individual needs. They are very useful where the original grab rails are not in...

Access // orig

Lift - 150kg - Person Lift

The Autochair Smart Transfer Person Lift enables a wheelchair user to transfer into a vehicle seat which uses a specific sling to gently raise the user to the correct height then guide the user into...

Access // Powered Seating

Powered Seat Runners

The Adaptacar front seat can be modified to power forwards and backwards, controlled by switches placed in a suitable location to suit the occupant. This adaptation is custom made to suit the vehicle and...

Access // Tiedown

Scooter Station

The Adaptacar fully automatic tie-down system for unoccupied scooters. A clamping system for the safe stowage of scooters within a vehicle. Especially useful for those who internally transfer from the scooter...

Access // Seat Customisation

Seat Repositioning

Seats can be moved either forward or backwards at Adaptacar, if the seat does not go forward enough to reach the pedals for instance or moved back to allow easier access into the vehicle. This adaption is...

Access // Swivel

Swivel Cushion

The swivel cushion is a soft and padded cushion consisting of two discs which turn 360 degrees against each other. The maximum user weight is 120 kg (18 stone). It has a non slip base and...

Access // Swivel Seat

Swivel Seat

The Autoadapt Turnout is a manual swivel seat which enables easier access into the vehicle or to aid transfer from a wheelchair...

Access // Swivel

Swivel Seat Cushion

The drive medical swivel seat is designed to turn on different seats. The top fleece type disc rotates a full 360 degrees over the bottom disc, is warm and comfortable and machine washable...

Access // Transfer Plate

Tip-up Plate

The Autoadapt Manual Tip Up Plate bridges the gap between the car seat and wheelchair to aid entry and exit. It can be used on the Driver's or passenger's side. It can also be useful for...

Access // Swivel Seat

Transfer Seating

The Autoadapt Turny incorporates the Turny Low, the Turny HD and the Turny Orbit. This range of seats allows varying degrees of assistance and can be manual or electrically operated. They are designed to move...

Access // Swivel Dock

Travel System

The Autoadapt Carony travel system allows you to access the car without lifting. It is designed to dock into a swivel base. The user can then be slid into the vehicle and swivelled round to face the front. The Carony...