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Hoist // 0-40 kg  

40 kg Fold Away Hoist

Product information

The Autoadapt Carolift 40 Hoist is a 40 kg hoist with two way operation (up and down) that can swivel almost to the side of the vehicle making it possible to pick up wheelchairs or scooters from the pavement. The compact nature of the hoist makes it possible for it to be fitted in most vehicles and the flexible arm ensures it is easily folded for storage.




Two way electromechanical lifting hoist with adjustable arm and swivelling post. For wheelchairs and scooters of up to 40 kg.




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key features


Adjustable Arm

Swivel Post

Side Pick Up

Easily Stowed

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This product is approved by Motability and available on the Motabiliy Scheme.

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Elap produce Autodapt lifting and stowage products, Elap also produce rotating car seats and wheelchair lifts.

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