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Hoist // 0-120 kg  

120 kg Telescopic Hoist

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The Brig-Ayd 120 kg Telescopic Hoist is a compact and high tech hoist capable of lifting power scooters and wheelchairs weighing up to 120 kg. A single push button operation allows loading and unloading of the wheelchair or scooter whilst the telescopic arm ensures the mobility device is manoeuvred well clear of vehicles bodywork.




Electromechanical lifting hoist for chairs and scooters up to 120 kg.




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key features


Telescopic Arm

Single Push Button

Attached Remote Handset

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This product is approved by Motability and available on the Motabiliy Scheme.

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Brig-Ayd C haveontrols is a UK-based company specialising in hoists and disabled driving aids.

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