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Hoist // 0-100 kg  

80 kg, 100 kg Hoist

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The Autochair Smart Lifter LC range of hoists have a capacity of 80 kg and 100 kg. It is simple to operate and is ideal for folding small scooters and wheelchairs. It gives you a hoist which has a four way action: up, down, in and out. The hoist is easily detachable when not in use and is suitable for a wide range of vehicles.




These four way hoist have a compact design and can be detachable when not in use giving you the maximum space in the boot. Designed with the folding mini scooters and wheelchairs in mind. They come with an option of a quick release spreader bar attachment and a wheelchair lifting strap where applicable. The Smart Lifter LC hoist can be transferred to a compatible vehicle if the hoist is under a certain age.




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Detachable Hoist



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