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Docking Station

Product information

The Dahl Docking Station is a fully automatic tie-down system for wheelchairs. It is an electrical plate attached to the floor of a vehicle and has proven to be so strong that it can withstand a load corresponding to a wheelchair weight of more than 200 kg +*.

This electric docking system provides unprecedented flexibility and safety for wheelchair users.

This product can also be used in conjunction with a seat base for a vehicle seat for driving or passenger, giving the ability to swap for a car seat or wheelchair use, making this product excellent for flexibility of vehicle use.

This docking station can be used for vehicle wheelchair passengers or for wheelchair drivers/drive from wheelchair.

*provided that the safety belt is installed in the traditional manner in the floor of the vehicle.
**with added seat base frame.




approximate size of floor mount:
Height: 60 - 100 mm
Width: 162 -175 mm
Length: 350 - 410 mm

Wheelchair or vehicle seat use**




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key features

Safe vehicle wheelchair docking

easy electric function

automatic electric docking

wheelchair docking

vehicle seat docking**

area of difficulty

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