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Scooter Station

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The Adaptacar fully automatic tie-down system for unoccupied scooters. A clamping system for the safe stowage of scooters within a vehicle. Especially useful for those who internally transfer from the scooter.




The scooter station is the ideal solution for the transportation of a scooter in a wheelchair accessible vehicle where the driver uses a scooter and can manage a short transfer into the driver's seat and requires an automatic tie down solution for their scooter instead of the standard straps which can be fiddly. The Scooter Station can be used for all scooters up to 68.5 cm wide and a wheel diameter of up to 35.5 cm and involves a side clamping system. There are no attachments necessary to the scooter. Electric operation when a button is pushed to lock the scooter in place.




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