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adaptions making your day to day life easier

adaptions by area


The steering section covers steering aids and steering adaptions that give greater control to the driver, this can be from lightened power steering to steering wheel adaptions to help manoeuvrability and grip specific to your ability.

Pedals, Accelerator & Brakes

The pedals, accelerator and brakes section covers vehicle accelerator and brake functions, to make the pedals more accessible to the driver, via pedal adaptions, hand controls to electronic functions.


The controls section covers primary and secondary hand controls, to make them more accessible and user-friendly to the driver. These controls range from ignition, handbrake, secondary controls like lights, indicators, wipers, horn and hazards, to other custom uses.

Gear & clutch

This section covers gear and clutch functions for manual and automatic vehicles to aid the driver in selecting the correct gear easily and with confidence whether from a wheelchair or from the drivers seat.


The Handbrake section covers adaptions to help use the handbrake, from simple clip on handbrake adaptions to help push the button or lift the handbrake, to electronic pushbutton controls.

Vehicle access

The vehicle access section covers all adaptions to help the driver or passenger into and out of the vehicle. This covers speciality swivel seats, ramp sidestep access, seat slide plates, vehicle door functions to wheelchair and scooter locking devices.

Lifts, hoists & stowage

The Lifts, hoists and stowage section covers adaptions and devices to help the user effortlessly store or remove the wheelchair or scooter for a multitude of vehicles and a large range of weight capacity.


The miscellaneous section covers a multitude of adaptions from speciality seating adaptions, custom and wide angle mirrors, cushions and swivel cushions through to seatbelt accessories.

Adaptions help

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adaptions by area of difficulty


If you have difficulty or a disability with your upper body, arms, hands or upper movement when driving, then this section will list all those adaptions that can help you.


If you have difficulty or a disability with your lower body, legs, feet or lower movement when driving, then this section will list those adaptions that can help you.


If you are a wheelchair user then this section will list all those adaptions that can help you when driving or being a passenger.

adaptions by categories

Off-the-shelf Products

Our off-the-shelf adaptions are perfect for you to fit yourself, from steering knobs to mirrors.

Private adaption service

At Adaptacar we specialise in adapting your vehicle for your needs, making sure you are comfortable and safe on the road. We adapt vehicles for the private sector, commercial vehicles and for Motability.

examples of adapted vehicles for disabled use include: private sector cars, sports cars, rally cars, recreational vehicles, motorhomes, vans, minibuses, coaches, farming, forklifts, trucks and heavy goods vehicles.


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